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Maintaining Happiness in the Workplace

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Your work/life balance and happiness are a crucial elements in you being successful no matter what industry you find yourself in. A change in company or position could be an option to rediscovering your love for work but we are aware that this may not always be an option and as such we have a few ideas of what you can expect from your employer in your role and how best to go about the changes that may occur. Here, we will offer a range of ideas from negotiating your salary to finding solutions to obtaining work/life balance.

Health and wellbeing are becoming increasingly spotlighted by both employees and employers and companies are increasing their understanding of keeping their workforce healthy and determined to improve and perform. Your employer is key to keeping you and your colleagues motivated and happy at work through their support. Most professionals are not completely sure what they can do to improve their situation be that within a current role or exploring their options into moving elsewhere, have a read through this article or get in touch with Spencelooker directly and we will do our utmost to help you achieve

Avoiding Monday Blues

Everybody knows Mondays are the worst... but what if they weren't? The start of the week can be daunting be that due to stress, the workload, personal issues or people problems. These problems tend to make individuals underperform and will only extenuate the problem. Here are a few ideas to overcome those Monday blues.

Office Gossip/Politics

Working in an office environment can lead to you being sucked into negative conversations about situations outside of your remit, this will negatively affect your workflow throughout the day. Trying to keep positivity and productive chat around you can be challenging but doing so will ultimately see you working at maximum capacity whilst being happy to do so.


Feelings of chaos creep in easily once your workload beings to fill up throughout the week. Keeping on top of that is crucial to success, keeping a well-organized diary is essential but there are also online resources available for to-do-lists and organizing workloads and projects for teams or individuals. Getting the framework for organized productivity is the basis to success at any level of a career.

Speaking out about how you feel

Mental health has come to the forefront of society in recent years and employers are now more aware of how to help their staff if they are struggling. Having an open dialogue with your peers and supervisors could be a lifeline if you are struggling with an aspect of the job or with personal issues that are a detriment to your time at work. Many professionals do not utilize this aspect of the working world and miss out on the support network and the potential to making lasting friendships whilst being successful in the workplace.

Breaking up your day

As a professional your working life does not solely revolve around work and the office. But if you find yourself struggling or unhappy at work, an unhealthy lifestyle will only make the situation progressively worse. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercising and drinking enough water throughout the day will give you a starting platform for you to be happy naturally.

Are you sleeping enough to be productive

A lack of sleep be that due to to your working pattern, lifestyle or work-related stress will be drastically detrimental to a professional's overall productivity and success. A lack of sleep can be catalyst for an ongoing reduction in progress of an individual. This lack of sleep can have multiple negative effects ranging from mood swings through to forgetfulness. All of which will ultimately cause an individuals to underperform in some aspect. It is recommended that an individual gets between 7-9 hours sleep each night and there are multiple ways to improve a sleep pattern: avoiding caffeinated drinks in the afternoon or before bed, find something relaxing to do before going to bed: read a book or taking a bath? Avoid use of electronic items such as phones before bed (the blue light emitted from these devices can cause the brain to remain active), regular exercise will tire the body and brain out as well as keeping an individual healthy. If change in your working life is necessary to help your sleeping pattern, then a conversation with your boss is needed to find a suitable solution, taking days off on sickness due to being overtired is not uncommon but can be avoided with some transparency.

Career Burnout: The signs of it and how to combat it

Stress, anxiety and depression are unfortunately common is society due to workplace stresses, here we try to teach you some of the signs of Career Burnout, how it can occur and best to avoid/combat it. Burnout takes many forms and individuals need to be cautious not to overstretch themselves.

Being tired... All of the time. This maybe that you struggle to sleep at night and so coming into the office exhausted due to insomnia or sleeping well but through the day becoming severely tired mentally. This is a sign of burnout, pushing yourself but to the absolute limit everyday is not healthy for anyone. Both the body and mind need time to recover and rest in order to perform effectively. If you are suffering from insomnia, get in touch with your local GP and communicate with your boss.

Lacking concentration is a common symptom of burnout, the brain processes so much information that it can be tricky to focus on tasks whilst feeling disconnected to your work. It can be problematic attempting to reignite your concentration levels at work but if you take regular breaks throughout the day to keep your attention in short bursts until your levels of concertation increase naturally.

Giving into bad habits such as over-indulgency could be signs that you are stressed at work: overeating, drinking or possibly even smoking could be your minds attempts to find a solution to workplace stresses. Although short term these may work, the long term effects of partaking in such activities will be detrimental to your overall health and career. Finding an alternative to such distractions that will healthy outcome in your wellbeing is advised.

A lack of socializing will cause an individual to disassociate from wider society and is common byproduct of anxiety and stress. This may be due to and individual being embarrassed or overworking and not wanting to "burden" people with their problems, this is an unhealthy way to go through life. Communicating regularly with family and friends is crucial to your success, talk about your day and ask for advice where necessary, having an alternative perspective on your situation may help you to evaluate.

Your physical health can be affected due to stress brought on by the job. This will of course cause you to have time off from work will affect your prospects of success. Contact your local GP if you do start becoming unwell. Your mental health and emotions could run high too. Having outbursts is inevitable if you are overwhelmed, not only will this cause you to sink deeper mentally but could cause problems with your colleagues if you lash out at them. Remember to break your days up to keep you refreshed where possible, if financially viable taking a holiday or just a break from work could give you that restart necessary to avoid such and outburst.

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