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How to keep your working life balanced and prosperous

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It is a commonly known fact that burnout can easily happen if your life is solely focused around your work and nothing else, a balance is needed to keep you motivated and working to your best. Simply working without any kind of structure or break from office hours will cause you to feel exhausted both physically and mentally. In this blog post we will give you some advice and tips on how to keep that balance.

Have a Structured Schedule:

Scheduling is essential. For both your working life and personal, everyone understands that having a properly planned diary whilst you are in the office is essential to working efficiently and productively but this is also essential for you to manage your life outside of those office hours as well. having your days planned were there is some flexibility is crucial to you keeping balance. Plan your diary with weeks in advance so you know what is coming up and if it is feasible to manage everything. But be mindful that flexibility is crucial within the diary, you need to be able to adapt your plans around the ever changing nature of your working live.

There needs a balance:

Balance is a skill we learn from young at school, but what we mean here is not the ability to balance on a line or rope. What we mean here is the ability to switch off work mode when you get home or out of working hours. We understand the difficulty of not constantly thinking about work especially when you are fresh into an industry and wanting to learn and impress, but there does need to be a time when you switch off and enjoy some you time. Having the ability to turn off work emails and calls when you get home or out of the office is imperative to allow you time to recharge and refocus for the next day. As well as this having hobbies and interests to keep you occupied is a good way of relaxing when you are not working.

Having a hobby that is beneficial to you:

Having a hobby around a working schedule can be tough. Being able to manage your time effectively that allows you the time to attend something regularly takes time and skill to master but once figured out and properly organised there are real benefits. Having that hobby being something that will benefit you is even more of a positive. We recommend a sporting activity or something social, sport has many benefits from the obvious physical health benefits of getting fit but also many mental health benefits too, it offers you a chance to socialise with others as well as focus on your game rather than work which can relief stress or anxiety by taking your focus away from working performance to the activity you are partaking in. If sport isn't your thing then some kind of social event such as video games with your friends or meeting up for a coffee and a chat can be really beneficial to you. Remember humans are social beings and have an inert need to talk to their peers on a regular basis.

Taking time off is important too:

We all know to be prosperous and successful you have to be in work and grafting to reach targets or goals. However, there is nothing wrong with taking some time off to recharge those batteries and spend that time doing things you enjoy with people who matter to you. This time off will of course need to fit in with your employer but if you are organised and proactive fitting it in should not be a problem. Making the time off you have worthwhile is down to you, use those precious holiday days wisely and keep those batteries charged!


Possibly the most important tip we will offer to you, if you are struggling with stress or the workload then it is time to communicate with your supervisor. Continuing the same course will only offer ever-diminishing results as you continue further leading to more stress, a nasty cycle that is difficult to break once you find yourself there. If you communicate early enough they may be able to offer guidance and support as to how cope with the work load and become more successful. It can be nerve-wracking having to have that conversation but it will be a far nicer one than having to explain why you are in a downward spiral later down the line.

Setting continuous goals to reach for:

Having goals that you can strive for each day, week or month is crucial. There of course needs to be an ultimate goal but those can seem far away as you begin your career and that can be disastrous for you as you work non stop trying to reach it, setting short and medium term goals as a stop gap towards can be beneficial to keeping you focused and rewarded as you work, this will keep you balanced as you do not begin to feel overwhelmed that you are still a distance from your ultimate goal.

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